Glass Case Of Emotions: Katniss & Gale
You: peeta
Stranger: No... It's Gale
You: oh well this is catnip
You: i like peeeta more than u :D
You: u killed my sister
Stranger: I.... Catnip.... We can never be sure.... It's not like I tried! -starts crying softly- I loved her almost as much as you! Like my own sister!
You: your stupid ideas killed her!
Stranger: Catnip...
You: peeta may have tried to kill me but u hurt the one thing i loved!
You: how could you gale
Stranger: -hugs tightly and refuses to let go- dammit! I'm not letting you blame me for something I couldn't have possibly known would happen! -holds you tight-
You: -pulls away- but you still killed innocent people! kids Gale!
Stranger: -grabs again-
Stranger: Stop.
You: and after that i never saw you again....
Stranger: -buries my head in your shoulder- that's because I knew you'd be like this! Accusing! Hating me! And I couldn't take it!
Stranger: yes, I was a coward!
Stranger: I was afraid to see how much I'd hurt you!
You: i loved you Gale...
Stranger: -holds you close- and how come you never said anything?
You: because it felt wrong you were my bestfriend and then you kissed me and everything changed
Stranger: -loosens my grip a little- Catnip... I still love you, with everything I have in my body.... But.... If you still choose Peeta.... I guess I'll bring myself the same fate that Prim faced. -kisses your cheek and gently lets you go-
You: i already lost someone i loved i cant lose you too. -embraces-
Stranger: -picks you up, gently, in one arm and hugs you with the other. closes my eyes and whispers in your ear- Do you still love me, Catnip?
You: I..I..dont know..
Stranger: -nods and kisses your forehead- Come on... -carries you to the woods, to our special rock and gently sits down with you in my lap- God... We've had so many memories up here...
You: some of the happiest -smiles- i miss it...a lot.
Stranger: -holds you close and lays my head on your shoulder- I know... Me too... But... i don't have much to complain about. The odds /were/ in your favor. That's all I cared about... -kisses your cheek softly-
You: -snuggles close- i wish i never went. i just wanted to stay here with you
Stranger: -holds you close and closes my eyes- My biggest fear was that Peeta would kill you.
You: I blamed myself for that. i do really care about him...i hurt him... -moves away from gale in guilt
You: -
Stranger: -pulls her back close- Shhh... Catnip... You're just sitting here with -swallows painfully- a friend... And I wasn't talking about lately... I meant /during/ the Games. I would hate to have broken that promise to you. That I wouldn't be able to take care of your family.
You: i would have never forgiving you gale -gets up and starts to hunt to avoid talk- not many deer this year...
Stranger: -grabs her and kisses her lips softly, passionately, and holds her close- Dammit, please stop doing this. I don't want to force you to let me hold you this last time!
You: it won't be the last time -looks down as her grip becomes tighter-
You: I just dont know how i feel. i have never been good with emotions
Stranger: -shakes head and brushes their lips together again- you need to be with the man you love... and.... that's... -looks into your eyes with pain deeper than any form of agony in mine- not me. (brb)
You: I don't know who i wanna be with...I don't know what it is about Peeta..he is just.. i cant choice right now -puts hand on cheek in a loving matter-
You: choose*
You: But ill always love you
Stranger: -leans down and kisses you again, closing my eyes and letting myself melt into the kiss-
You: -backs away- i can't i'm sorry... i did't tell you but me and Peeta are...getting married...for real its not an act anymore..
Stranger: -looks at you like I'm about to cry- you... and.... -closes eyes and exhales- fine..... I'm... -swallows- happy... for you guys.... Um... -turns and walks away, breaking down 3 VERY large trees in the process- that just ends it... -stops and runs my hands through my hair.- Mom died last night.... lil sis is sure to not be long behind... and the rest were taken in the fire.... Heh! I have nothing left! -turns around with an insane grin on his face- I HAVE NO ONE TO LIVE FOR!
You: were gone! i had nobody! but Peeta was there...and he worked on himself to love me again -crys- you left me...when i needed you most...
Stranger: -sees your tears and snaps back to reality- Catnip... -runs to you and holds you close, whispering sweetly in your ear- I'm sorry... I'm sorry... It's okay... Everything will be alright.... I'm sorry...
You: i know you have lost a lot Gale but you havent lost me -hugs- but you have to realize you werent here for me when i needed -dries tears- i have peeta now
Stranger: -nods very weakly- I... I know.... But I have lost you, Katniss.... God.... That already sounds weird coming out of my mouth... But to be honest... You owe me... When I needed you, you weren't there either. -kisses her forehead and sighs- But it wasn't all that bad I assume.... You'd just lost your sister. But I'd, in theory, just lost you. The hours I spent in containment were horrid. And when I tried to escape... Well... I got some new scars.... -shakes head- Oh well... It's in the past now...
Stranger: (I should have worded that differently, sorry)
You: i was trying to kill snow! how can i be there for you when i was suppose to be -mocking coin- the leader of the rebellion. i dont even know how you can say that to me...-hurt-
Stranger: -looks at you with a cold glance- because I /needed/ you. I needed you to kill me. And you know what I got? -takes off shirt, revealing 6 new, LONG scars from his shoulder to the top of his pants- I got these. And I got to wait. And wait. and wait. I didn't even know if you were alive or dead, Catnip. -doesn't put shirt back on but turns to face you- Honestly I think it might have been better if you'd left me there the day they whipped me in Twelve.
You: I couldnt kill you! i got bombed and then i saw my sister and when i went to run to her -makes sound- BOOM! -calms down- they really do tell a story dont they -feels scars and looks at Gale's beautiful muscular but skinny body-
Stranger: -winces- they still hurt too. -sighs and lets your hands roam- I hope you realize I'm not mad at you for the wedding. I'm infuriated at Peeta... But not you... -guides your hand to my heart- I can never stay truly mad at you... That's why, when we fight, I avoid you so you can't see me missing you...
You: oh gale...Peeta is a good guy and he really does care about me just the way you do
Stranger: -pulls away and looks pissed for a moment- NO ONE could EVER care about you to the IMPOSSIBLE degree /I/ do. -unclenches my jaw and has to physically calm myself down- sorry... -when I flared up, EVERY muscle in my body tensed-
You: -bits lip thinking how cute he looks when he gets mad then snaps back to reality- Gale he would die for me and let me go if he had to!
You: He loves me Gale and -with no hesitation- I love him
Stranger: -stares at you with shear agony, no, worse than agony, in my eyes- than I hope you're happy with him. Bye, Catnip. -walks off deeper into the woods than we've ever dared to go before-
You: -runs after him and grabs him- stop! -kisses him full on the mouth with all the strength she has left-
Stranger: -gently pushes her away- Catnip.... Baby please... Go... Be happy... Don't let me get in the way... -kisses her forehead and keeps walking, scars looking even MORE painful in the light-
You: -falls on knees- please dont go -weeps-
Stranger: -pauses, and sighs- if you love something, let it go. Right? I mean, that's how you know Peeta loves you so much. Because he's willing to leave you when you need it. So goodbye, Catnip. Be free... You no longer have me to weigh you down. Fly, my little Mockingjay... -keeps walking-
You: you're leaving me you really think this is what i need -stands up and runs to you again- if you were here it would have been you im marring!
Stranger: -holds you close and whispers in your ear- You still have a choice, you know. You said so yourself. But... I don't want you getting buyer's remorse. -kisses cheek- so just imagine I'm dead. Long gone. Never to be heard from again. Because I probably will be. -gently pulls away0
You: STOP GALE -emotions everywhere- I CHOOSE YOU!
Stranger: -sighs and hugs you softly- Catnip... You're freaking out. You don't want to lose me, but you really love Peeta. So go be with him and I'll just stay out of the way, all right?
You: no Gale -looks at his eyes- i really do choose you. i was forced to peeta by the capital and forced to leave you. if i had to pick who stays in my life... it would be you
Stranger: -trying hard not to cry- Catnip... Please... You've thrown my heart into the arena... I've been fighting to stay alive and I can't take it anymore...
Excuse me, WHAT?!

Mockingjay is gonna be split into TWO movies?!

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